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The Guardian: Before the Purple Rain

January 01, 2023

In 1977, Robert Whitman was asked to take some promotional pictures of an unknown Minneapolis musician, Prince Rogers Nelson. They ended up being the first documents of one of pop music’s true geniuses

GQ: See Prince pre-fame in this incredible new photography book

December 14, 2022

As the first professional photographer ever to shoot Prince, Whitman has now released the never-seen-before photos as one beautiful book: Prince Pre Fame. With an introductory essay written by Spike Lee, the limited-edition title is on sale now, available exclusively through social platform Vero.

The "Prince Pre Fame" Book Showcases Portraits of the Star in His Younger Years

November 14, 2017

Prince Pre Fame“ is a book featuring a collection of photos by Robert Whitman highlighting one of the most important music artists of the 20th century. The pictures were taken in 1977 at the request of Prince’s music manager, Owen Husney who had just signed the young pop star. The images were used as press kit materials sent to record companies.

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